Species Stocked:

Allowed Baits:
Maggots, Casters, Bread, Sweetcorn, Carp Pellet, Boilies, Luncheon Meat, Particle Seed Baits, Worms, Grounbait, Paste, Punch Crumb (liquidised bread), Floating Baits are NOT Allowed

Fishery Specific Rules:
Close all gates behind you.  No floating baits.  Barbless hooks maximum size 12.  Keepnet use: refer to board.
Mirror Carp
Common Carp
Bailiff: Roger Burton       Telephone: 01527544433       Location: Bentley Lane       Pegs: 27       Water Type: Pool       Disabled Access: No
A Well stocked pool with the prolific species being carp.  This pool has always been one of our most popular, due to its ability to always provide a few bites.