Astwood Bank Angling Club
Astwood Bank Angling Club Committee expects all members to follow the club rules.
1. The annual subscription shall fall due immediately after the AGM and must be paid before the second Tuesday in May.  No fishing is permitted after the 31st on March unless renewed subscription.
2. Members children under 12 are allowed to fish free on a casual basis only when accompanied by the member.  Junior members aged 12 to 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
2a. Members friends, on purchase of a day permit, may fish some Club waters when in the company of the Member.  Day permits are charged at £5.00 per day.  This money is redeemable against the cost of a new membership if taken up within one month of the permit being issued but is not transferable, only one permit per membership.
3. The duty of the Members shall be to protect, as far as possible, the water.  Members shall use only designated routes to gain access to the water.  Any Member damaging mowing grass, crops, fruit trees or stealing fruit shall be held personally responsible for the same and liable to expulsion from the Club.
4. Only conventional tackle such as rod/line or pole maybe used to catch fish.
4a. No standing in the water is permitted at any pool venue when fishing.
4b Only one rod/pole to be used at any one time on any ABAC water except where stated.
5. In any controversial matter concerning contests or club matters, the Committee decision shall be final.
6. All Environment Agency rules must be followed and ALL Members must hold a valid EA rod licence(s).  All members must supply their licence number(s) when joining/renewing, these will be kept on file and may be shared with the EA for statistical purposes.
7. Members must leave a match venue at least three hours prior to draw time shown on their fixture list.
8. Treat the fish you catch with respect and handle them carefully. NEVER use a cloth to handle a fish.
9. Enjoy the countryside but please do not leave litter or discarded line or tins. Take your litter home.
10. Close all gates and park without obstructing tracks or gateways.
11. Carry your membership card with you and ask anyone else fishing to see theirs.
12. Stick to the bait limits where displayed on the notice board.
13. No dogs, fires, litter or night fishing (Night fishing permits are available on certain venues).
13a Members must have been a member for one year before being eligible for a night permit.
14. Where allowed keepnets may be used, please check individual venue notices as temporary bans may be in place.
Only silver fish up to 3lbs in weight are to be kept in a keepnet.
No more than 50lbs of fish are allowed in any one net and the fish must not be retained for more than 5 hours.
15. Check for any special rules or match bookings relating to the venue you intend to fish before you start, this should be done by looking at your membership pack and venue notice board on arrival.
16. Do not dig out pegs.
17. Use only carp-friendly nets on applicable venues.
18. Do not remove any fish under any circumstances and report any diseased fish to an official.
19. All members to display their membership sticker in parked vehicles.
20. No club member shall approach any riparian owner of club water with a view to getting special privileges.
21. Members shall not post any videos or photographs of club venues onto any social media other than the official club website or official club facebook page.
For venue specific rules refer to the details for the venue on the fisheries pages.

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