Species Stocked:

Allowed Baits:
Maggots, Casters, Bread, Sweetcorn, Carp Pellet, Boilies, Luncheon Meat, Particle seed baits, Worms, Grounbait, Paste, Punch Crumb (liquidised bread)

Fishery Specific Rules:
Lake 1 Barbless hooks only, maximum size 12. Fish only designated pegs. No floating baits. Lake 2 (not the one by the carpark) Barbless hooks only, maximum size 8, maximum 2 rods in the same peg. No floating baits.
Mirror Carp
Common Carp
Bailiff: Andrew Willets      Telephone:   07814195054      Location: Alvechurch      Pegs: 24      Water Type: Two Pools      Disabled Access: Yes
Crucian Carp
Golden Orfe
Alvechurch is comprised of two small pools, the first with easy access and parking by the lake.  It is stocked with a variety of fish including carp, tench, roach, perch and a few surprises.  This pool is popular with our younger members because of it's ability to produce a few bites.

The second is a short walk from the car park with virtually all pegs having the island to cast to.  This is a more secluded pool and has carp to low doubles and big shoals of rudd.