Tuesday Evening Matches 2017

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Tuesday Evening Matches 2017

Postby Azz25 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:23 pm

6th June - Alvechurch 1
1st Dennis Heath 30lb 11oz
2nd Paul Burton 16lb 9oz
3rd Paul Heath 11lb 12oz
4th Harry Taylor 9lb 7oz
6 fished

13th June - Bradley Green

20th June - Skilts
1st Mike Wakeman 36lb 15oz
2nd Paul Burton 30lb 13oz
3rd Paul Heath 30lb 5oz
4th Roger Burton 18lb 5oz
8 fished

27th June - Swan Pool
1st Dennis Heath 18lb 11oz
2nd Paul Burton 17lb 4oz
3rd Paul Heath 16lb 1oz
4th Roger Burton 13lb 10oz
6 fished

5th July - Alvechurch
1st Harry Taylor 51lb 6oz
2nd Dennis Heath 20lb 4oz
3rd Paul Heath 10lb 15.5oz
4th Roger Burton 3lb 5oz
4 fished

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