Muntjac v Dog

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Muntjac v Dog

Postby lucky me » Fri Mar 23, 2018 12:07 am

Two of us went to Bradley Green today (22 March 2018) and had an extraordinary experience.

About 1pm, there is an almighty splash on the far side of the pool, quickly followed by a second splash.

It turned out to be a Muntjac deer being chased by a large dog, which at first my mate thought was a fox.

The dog (which I think was a Vizsla) caught the deer and dragged it back to the bank.

The Muntjac was screaming and howling like something from a jungle.

My friend went to see what was happening and said that the dog held the deer's head under water until it was dead.

Later the dog went off along the far bank, we assumed to the farm which is across the steam.

When we had a look at the deer's body, one rear leg was completely missing and some of the inards had been removed as well.

The remains are about half way along the bank between the two pools.

It is, or was right down on the water's edge, in the trees between two pegs.

Also earlier in the day I had a hare come strolling past me as though I was not there.

The fishing after a slow start was really good with 27 carp from 5lbs to 10lbs and 1 rudd caught, all on maggot.
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