Species Stocked:

Allowed Baits:
Maggots, Casters, Bread, Sweetcorn, Carp Pellet, Boilies, Luncheon Meat, Particle seed baits, Worms, Grounbait, Paste, Punch Crumb (liquidised bread)

Fishery Specific Rules:
When wet, park in farmyard.  Maximum 2 rods (when space permits), all rods located in one peg. Never leave rods unattended.  Barbless hooks, maximum size 8.
Mirror Carp
Common Carp
Bailiff: Tom Manders       Telephone: 07980394292       Location: Bradley Green       Pegs: 22       Water Type: Pool       Disabled Access: Yes
This heavily stocked pool holds a good head of common and mirror carp averaging 4-8lb with a few showing into low doubles.  If you enjoy going home with your arms aching, Bradley Green is for you.

Regular fishing methods work well such as the pole, waggler and method feeder, or if you are feeling brave you could take a more carpy approach and use two rods.

Never ignore the margins.